Yoshiyuki Majima is the President of PanCan Japan and a a participant in the INCA Boot Camp for Research Patient Advocates.

Why did you enroll in the INCA Boot Camp?

In Japan as well as other Asian countries, the voice of patients is not reaching the cancer research and clinical trials as seen in USA and EU. One of the reasons is the lack of training opportunities in Japan to pursue EBA. That is why I enrolled in the INCA Boot Camp so that I can use that experience to expand the training programs in Japan, especially in the rare cancer domain.

Who do you perceive to be your partner in this effort to promote active patient involvement in NET research?

In Japan, other key rare cancer patient group leaders as well as medial professionals (KOL), pharmaceutical companies like Novartis and Roche/Chugai, and PMDA are the key partners in NET research and fast drug approval process.

The most important thing you learned from the monthly webinar?

The value of Evidence Based Advocacy and the use of PRO/QOL measures that are very different from other stakeholders.