Producing relevant patient information for this diverse group of neoplasms is a costly and time consuming process, but one that the NET Patient Foundation feels as one of its key pillars of activity. The NPF have various updated materials for 2019, including Version 2 of ‘The Handbook’ (Version 1 has been translated by Victory NET into French and German too), 20 new factsheets to provide up to date and clinically accurate information about diagnosis, treatment and follow up, and an updated version of Gut Surgery, How Diet Can Help’. The factsheets fit into NPF’s patient information pack for all new patients, and compliment ‘The Handbook’. A new guide to ‘Looking after Yourself’ post diagnosis is due out in the next few weeks, along with 2 more factsheets about bone metastases an diarrhea (the reason we get it, and how to manage it).

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