Victory NET came about purely by chance, when a random group of people were brought together by loss and sadness and yet, in their pain and suffering, gave rise to new hope. The bond they forged and the dynamic it generates has made it possible to envisage a better world for people living with neuroendocrine cancer.
It all started with a Swede named Jan Smörlung, who became the first patient in history to receive cancer treatment funded by 2,000 people in 40 countries and a very generous Geneva-based patron. Jan was hospitalised with liver NETs at the Uppsala University Hospital (Sweden), where he became the first recipient of a new experimental NET treatment called AdVince.

AdVince is a potential treatment for a form of neuroendocrine cancer currently being tested at Sweden’s Uppsala University. AdVince gets its name from the ‘adenovirus’ (a harmless virus causing the common cold), modified by a team of Swedish scientists to develop their therapy, and Vince Hamilton, our founder who helped finance the trials. The treatment consists of inoculating patients with a virus specifically designed to infect and kill only NET cancer cells in the liver. It also stimulates the immune system to attack cells infected with this virus. Currently, the first results of the clinical trial are encouraging, but it is still too early to draw meaningful conclusions.

Professor Magnus Essand and Dr. Justyna Leja-Jarblad at Uppsala University have been developing AdVince since 2008. First tested on mice, it proved effective in destroying neuroendocrine tumors. Phase 1 of the clinical trial (liver NET) began in 2016 and is still ongoing as more patients are needed for its completion. Victory NET is hopeful that there will be interesting news in the fall about the development of the trial.

Apart from being fully involved in research to discover new drugs and treatments for all forms of neuroendocrine cancer, essentially by funding clinical trials, Victory NET also focuses on education and patient support. In early November, the Victory NET Foundation will participate in the Symposium organized by the CHUV in Lausanne, which has been accredited as Centre of Excellence in Switzerland. The foundation team  will take this opportunity to introduce themselves to the patients and medical staff and discuss their needs and expectations.

Striving to learn more and spread knowledge for the betterment of NET patients, in July James and Fabienne from the Victory NET Foundation attended the very informative and well organized WECAN Academy for Cancer Patient Advocates.

The foundation is dedicated to NET patients and their families and friends and has adopted the motto of its home city, Geneva: Post tenebras lux – light after darkness.

Victory NET Foundation is proud to have joined INCA and benefit from its knowledge, audience and leadership.