The NET Patient Foundation is delighted to announce that it is rebranding and will soon be known as ‘Neuroendocrine Cancer UK’. This change is to better reflect its community, building on the foundation that has been laid down over the last 17 years (2002 – Living with Carcinoid, 2006 – NET Patient Foundation, 2020 – Neuroendocrine Cancer UK). A new website with updated information resources will also be launched.

“The ethos and mission of the charity remains the same – to support all affected by neuroendocrine cancer: to support and inform patients and families from diagnosis, enabling access to the best care and treatment, whilst stimulating Neuroendocrine Cancer research, increasing national awareness and influencing improvements in outcomes. Terminology of the disease has changed and we want to reduce confusion, and increase awareness of this cancer type. By giving us a more focused and explanatory name, we can better serve our patient community.” said Catherine Bouvier, CEO of the organization and INCA President-Elect.