Your Majesty, Ladies and Gentelmen…

I represent CarciNor – a patient society for people affected by neuroendocrine cancer.

The history of neuroendocrine cancer is a 100 year long international cancer research effort concerning a rare cancer disease.

A rare cancer disease

The story begins in 1907 when a German scientist discovered a type of cancer tumors he called carcinoids. These tumors behaved differently than ordinary cancer tumors. His conclusion was that this did not represent an ordinary type of cancer, but a cancer-like disease which was less severe.

This conclusion proved to be false, but the comprehension about this disease not being as dangerous, is still with us today, even if scientists have rejected this many years ago. There is a comprehension and a misinterpretation that may lead to malpractice and delay, before the patient can actually receive optimal treatment.

Today, scientists have found effective drugs against neuroendocrine cancer, where they have used the characteristics of the cancer cells to produce  effective medicine. This might offer patients with neuroendocrine cancer prolonged life.

There are still many challenges regarding neuroendocrine cancer. This disease is hard to diagnose, and many who get this form of cancer risk being misdiagnosed,  by the time they get the right diagnosis, they will have a chronic incurable disease.

The merits of research

The reason why I stand here today is due to the merits of research. My cancer story is a classical tale about neuroendocrine cancer. I had this disease a long time, I was misdiagnosed, I was told this was a harmless condition, and years went by before I could receive qualified help for my cancer disease. Currently, I am being treated at Haukeland University Hospital by highly qualified specialists. I am being treated with effective drugs, this has prolonged my life by several years. However,  like many other cancer patients, I have a serious chronic cancer disease which will affect the rest of my life.

The cancer research has come a long way since 1907, but still there is far to go. There are many unanswered questions and great effort is needed from everyone who is engaged in cancer disease. Especially the cancer society and anyone who contributes to their work.

Engagement in the cancer issue

The cancer issue holds a strong position in Norway, and the patients affected by cancer get a lot of support from the Norwegian people, by their joy of giving through The Cancer Society. The contributions from small and large donators, individuals, firms, associations, are evident in the work of the Cancer Society and the patient societies.

It is hard to point out any particular case, the effort being made by so many in the fundraising campaign “Kraftak mot kreft”,  is incredible.

We hear  about the russ (=Norwegian graduates) and their initiatives in spring. Many of them, for instance at Vardfjell high school in Haugesund, chose to help raise money for the cancer campaign “Kraftak mot kreft”. A great contribution, which shows that even the ones who might be the least affected by cancer, still engage in this important work.

On behalf of all of us enjoying the support and effort being made, there are so many to give thanks to.

-First of all, all of you involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of those affected by cancer. The ones being a part of cancer reseach and cancer disease.

Many have high expectations, but none more than the ones directly affected by cancer. The hope being that one day there is a way to cure all types of cancer.

-A thank you to The Cancer Society and to everyone who contributes to the excellent work being done for us affected by cancer disease, and not least for their close relations and relatives.

Cancer affects far more than the ones who get ill.

-My story about neuroendocrine cancer is about a rare form of cancer, but in relation to cancer it is not unique.

Everyone affected by cancer has their own story to tell. Even if the diagnoses are different, we are all confronted with a serious and life threatening disease.

Thank you to all of you who donate gifts and are engaged in the efforts in the matter of cancer. This is an invaluable support for all who are affected by cancer.