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Somatostatin Analogs

Daily, every other week or monthly injections of somatostatin analogs are available to control some of the unpleasant symptoms caused by carcinoid tumors.

Somatostatin analogs (e.g. lanreotide, octreotide) are synthetic versions of somatostatin, a naturally occurring hormone produced in the brain and digestive tract that inhibits the release of several other hormones and chemicals from our internal organs.

The octreotide formulation can be given by infusion, self injections daily, or in a monthly injection which is a slow release formula. The lanreotide formula can be given every other week and in a monthly slow release formula. The monthly injections are mostly administered by healthcare professionals, but it is possible to self inject the lanreotide monthly injection.

Injection of these analogs can stop the overproduction of hormones that cause symptoms such as flushing, wheezing and diarrhea. Under clinical supervision, these treatments may also be used in NET patients with no clinical syndrome. Long-acting octreotide can also control tumor growth.

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