Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients (SCAN)

SCAN was launched worldwide on September 16th, 2019 and concluded on November 30th after 2 months and a half fieldwork.

With approximately 3000 respondents, SCAN is the biggest global compendium of data about NETs so far.

INCA, together with its 26 member organizations across 6 continents invited NET patients and healthcare professionals to SCAN the challenges in NET diagnostics, treatment and care.

SCAN was a global assessment:

  • among NET patients & healthcare professionals
  • by a self-administered online questionnaire
  • available in 14 languages: Arabic,  Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch/Flemish,  French,  English,  German,  Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili
  • less than 15 minutes to complete

SCAN key measurements:

  • The availability of NET diagnostic tools
  • The level of access to NET treatments
  • The level of access to ongoing checks
  • The level of access to healthcare professionals
  • Out-of-pocket costs of NET treatment and care
  • The provision of supportive services
  • Leading healthcare issues NET patients face today

INCA would like to thank all of its member organizations, NET patient groups, NET patient advocates and supporters, as well as the medical societies around the world for their invaluable help in achieving this impressive coverage.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all SCAN respondents for their time and trust in us.

Together, with the full responsibility of this knowledge, we will build a stronger NET community.

SCAN Topics & Visual Materials

Early Diagnosis

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