The SCAN project, managed by the INCA Access Committee, collected vast and robust global data on the many challenges in access to diagnostics and treatment of neuroendocrine cancer patients. SCAN became the biggest global compendium of data about NETs to date, with 2795 respondents from 68 countries across 6 continents. Data were collected at end of 2019 and its global results were widely exposed in medical conferences in 2020.

The large number of participants in SCAN allows for the data to be further explored, thus providing tools to increase the impact of local campaigns. The INCA Access Committee is now working on the provision of smaller sub-clusters of information while preserving the robustness and statistical validity of the data. Setting a threshold of a minimum sample size of 100 respondents per unit of analysis, data results will be processed by country, type of NET and economic region. The data will be distributed to INCA’s 26 member organizations together with a SCAN Toolkit at end of November 2020, and will support strategizing efforts for more local lobbying in order to raise awareness and advocate for improved access to healthcare for NET patients among decision makers. #wescan