Playa d’en Fossa is a project born in 2008, conceived by a group of friends sharing both passion for music and the wish to spend time together without forgetting those who unfortunately cannot enjoy their lives to the fullest. This group of young people, living in a small village named Fossa (Concordia) in the Northern Modena area, organize an annual event, to celebrate the end of the summer season. What makes Playa d’en Fossa different from any other party is its final target: the work done by volunteers, the good music, food and drinks are all aimed towards collecting funds for selected purposes. The organizers were able to transfer their spirit to participants and the combination of entertainment and charity has become a key success factor over the years.

The eleventh edition of Playa d’en Fossa took place on Saturday, August 24th, 2019. “Playa d’en Fossa power flower” is the theme chosen for the 11th anniversary of the event. On stage, DJ sets alternated with some of the best vocalists at the moment.

As in the past years, proceeds will be donated to local non-profit associations, schools, and for the first time – to support national and international projects. NET Italy Onlus were very proud to be one of the selected associations, taking the opportunity to not only collect funds to be invested in their next project, but also to spread information about NETs among the younger generations.