The Pheo Para Alliance launched the inaugural campaign to raise awareness for pheochromocytoma (pheo) and paraganglioma (para), rare neuroendocrine tumors, from August 23 – 29.
The objectives of this week-long campaign were to inspire & empower pheo para constituents to tell their story, raise awareness of the illness among health care providers, educate pheo para patients, and build understanding of the struggles presented by pheo para.

“This campaign is an exciting opportunity to empower and inspire our pheo para community. Our theme is #PheoParaPhearless, which represents the courage of our patient’s collective voices as they navigate an often isolating and scary medical journey,” said Matthew Capogreco, Pheo Para Alliance Board of Directors President and patient.

A critical element to the success of the campaign was the participation by pheo para constituents, not only patients and caregivers, but clinicians, researchers, industry, and medical societies. Constituents were asked to submit video testimonials used to create five 3-minute videos addressing a different pheo para topic. More information about the campaign could be found HERE.