The ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit, was held on 7-9 September 2018 in Vienna, Austria bringing worldwide leaders from the cancer healthcare, patient advocacy and stakeholder communities together in a unique multidisciplinary forum. Connecting science with real life by driving policy evolution at the highest political level, the Summit debated leading-edge ideas on outcomes research, health economics and organisation of cancer care delivery; determined consensus resolutions for improving health systems; and decided on an action plan for the way forward to ensure ideas translate into policies that will impact daily clinical practice.
With nearly 400 attendees, 21% of which were patient advocates, the ECCO summit was focused on decision making around better outcomes for patients. Huge recognition was given to the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (PAC), comprised of 18 umbrella cancer patient organizations, including INCA, represented by Teodora Kolarova. The input and advice provided by PAC members were instrumental to the creation, concepts and sessions of the ECCO 2018 European Cancer Summit.

The following resolutions were proposed, discussed and agreed at the Summit:


By 2023 an agreed set of core standards and evidence-based indicators (based on processes and patient outcomes) to measure the quality of all cancer services in European countries should be in place. READ MORE


By 2025, all national cancer plans in Europe should contain ambitious and measurable goals and actions to improve the integration of primary care healthcare professionals and informal carers within multidisciplinary care to patients. READ MORE


By 2025, in respect to accessing financial services*, the right of cancer survivors not to declare their cancer 10 years after the end of the active treatment** and 5 years if they had cancer under 18, should be codified across European countries. READ MORE

Presentations from the Summit are now available online.