EntreTNEs is a podcast channel for people with a neuroendocrine tumor to share their experiences, challenges and needs. It is an initiative of the Spanish Association of Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors (NET España), the Spanish Group of Neuroendocrine and Endocrine Tumors (GETNE).

On a monthly basis, EntreTNEs has the objective to generate top-quality content, based on rigorous information about the disease in order to inform patients, their families and caregivers. It gives visibility to the challenges and needs that NET patients have and promotes an active patient approach. In addition, EntreTNEs seeks to raise awareness about the disease among all healthcare professionals.

Each program addresses different aspects related to neuroendocrine tumors, highlighting the need of an earlier diagnosis, of specialized centers for its treatment, ways for the patient to face the disease, the changes and adaptation of the lifestyle of the affected people, or the incorporation of healthy lifestyle habits, which would allow improving the quality of life of these patients.

To reach as many users as possible, EntreTNEs will be available on the project website, https://www.entretnes.com/, on the iVoox platform, on the NET España website and on the GETNE website.