NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia (NECA) was delighted to have 2 poster abstracts accepted at the 18th annual European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society (ENETs) meeting. The abstract “Development and Launch of First Australian Accredited GP NET Education Course” provided information on the demonstrated gaps in knowledge of Australian General Practitioners (GPs), as outlined in an earlier research study. This led to the creation and dissemination of the first online accredited NET course. Launched in November 2020 for World NET Cancer Day, there has been steady uptake of the course of approx. 20 GPs per month. The course runs for three years. The second abstract “Getting Results: Patient Experiences and Preferences for Communicating Scan Results in Australia” eventuated from a survey of NET patients in Australia exploring communication of results, timing of receiving scan results, the impact of this on patients and recommendations for optimal delivery of results and time to receive results. Refer here for more details.