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NETs & Healthcare

Neuroendocrine tumor (NET) patients evaluated the healthcare received in the country they reside in at 3.5 on average in the SCAN survey. That is slightly above the mid-point on the scale from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Healthcare professionals shared very similar evaluations.

Help us raise awareness about the global issues in healthcare provision to NET patients. Visual materials in 11 languages are ready for you to download and share.

Neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) are complex neoplasms that require specific treatments and usually monthly ongoing follow-up.  However, the SCAN survey data revealed that:

  • Many countries do not have national healthcare plans that cover NETs. It is in Europe and Oceania that NET patient rights are upheld the most, although still below the optimum.
  • 51% of NET patients living in countries of advanced economies claim that their country has a healthcare plan that covers NETs. This is the case for only 31% in emerging and developing economies
    24% of NET patients living in advanced economies had no current out-of-pocket expenses related to their NET care, as everything was covered by state healthcare/insurance. This is the case for only 10% of the NET patients living in emerging and developing economies.
  • In many countries leading treatments in NETs are not available to all according both to NET patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Good quality of health services is a global challenge for NET patients.
  • Huge disparities in healthcare coverage and treatment availability between countries of advanced and emerging economies.
  • We need better and more inclusive healthcare plans and evidence-based policies for NETs.

We need:

    • more availability of treatments;
    • more specialized care needed;
    • more healthcare professionals knowledgeable in NETs

NETs & Healthcare Infographic in 11 Languages