Clement was diagnosed with NETs in the summer of 2019 after losing 10 kg in just 3 weeks. He underwent surgery and today, one year later, his condition is being closely monitored. On the occasion of his first year as a cancer survivor, Clement decided to run a special challenge to help raise NET awareness and fundraise for NET research. In a project named leProjetGR20, Clement will go on an 18-day mountain trek on his own in Corsica – the Mecca of hiking trails in France and probably one of the most difficult routes for hikers.

APTED is backing the GR20 project and will help Clement to raise funds for NETs. Stay tuned for more news coming from Clement’s project on APTED’s Facebook page and #leProjetGR20.

In May Patients Ensemble also continued raising awareness on NETs – this time with an in-depth interview on neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) with Christine Rodien-Louw, APTED President. The full interview (in French) is published on APTED’s YouTube channel