The NET Patient foundation currently has over 30 face to face NET Natter local support groups running across the UK, but face to face is not for everyone, so in the summer, utilising already established platforms, the NPF launched its NET Natter online support groups. One is dedicated to the supporters of NET Patients, ‘Next2NETs’, and the other, ’NET Natter UK Online’, for any UK NET patient. The same support structure is in place, with the NPF nurse team ensuring that queries are answered, and that patients or supporters can have the peer support that is so valuable. This has been a real success, and so to add to the content of these groups NPF started its ‘Facebook Live’ program. Six weekly educational sessions on a given topic. Anyone can feed in a question prior to the event, or simply ask on the day. It is the NPF’s responsibility to ensure that correct information is out there on its social media platforms, but also to gain further insights into the needs and questions of its local community.

The NET Patient Foundation hopes that this initiative, along with its existing international group, will provide a safe, informative and supportive environment for all those affected by NETs.