For the first time, four Patient Ambassadors from the NET Patient Foundation (five if you include
Taska, a beautiful Canine Partner Assistance Dog) attended the UKINETs medical conference in
the UK.

Bethann, Craig, Kath and Sally were in attendance to share heartfelt stories about their lives, past
and present, and how they are affected by Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Each with a different type of Neuroendocrine Cancer, the Ambassadors took to the stage to give an
honest and open experience of their life with this illness, and the challenges they face.
The courageous four shared their thoughts and experiences on stage and gave one of the most
thought-provoking, practice questioning, heartbreakingly, inspirational sessions we have ever

The room was packed, with standing room only, and the session ran over late, due to the audience
wanting to ask so many questions and learn from the patients. Members of the audience were left
feeling very emotional and expressed their thoughts that the talk was “definitely a main stage

INCA would like to thank the NPF Ambassadors for their courage in sharing what it is to live with NETs with the public.