NET Italy will hold an Open Day for NET patients and their caregivers “Our ‘friend’ NET: A Dialogue Between Patients and Doctors” in Modena, Italy on June 22.

The event will facilitate the participation of all  specialists whom a patient will typically meet in the course of his/her NET journey, during diagnosis and  treatment of the disease, in order to guarantee better therapies and quality of life, including the nutritional aspects.

Experiences of patients and their caregivers will be widely presented and discussed. The discussions will be moderated by Prof. Paola Tomassetti (Gastroenterologist and member of NET Italy Scientific Committee),  Mr. Andrea Pamparana (Journalist and NET patient) and by Mrs. Luisa Draghetti and Mrs. Simona Barbi, President and Vice President of NET Italy respectively.

Of course,  patients and their caregivers will be the VIP guests,  so a lot of time will be dedicated to their questions, which will be answered by the doctors attending the event.