Despite the hardships Italy faces nowadays due to the COVID-19 outbreak, NET Italy Onlus joined forces with, the Italian Association of Neuroendocrine Tumor Physicians to continue the provision of support to NET patients in Italy.
Below is a heartfelt letter from a NET patient addressed to NET Italy Onlus:

“Dear friends,
We do not know each other in person, but we are good friends all the same because we are experiencing together the NET trip and are sharing fears, doubts and uncertainty for our future. I had just the time to accept my new condition as a rare cancer patient and now a new sneaky, invisible and still unknown enemy is menacing my fragile equilibrium: COVID-19 broke into my life, into our lives, and I really do not know how I can protect myself and my family. I’ve noticed that, in spite of all, our country is trying its best to fight this unconventional war, but I and all people in similar conditions have an additional battle to take care of.  What shall I do? I guess I’d better stay home and try to organize my working life from here, but I have no idea how to proceed with follow-ups, injections, etc. Will drugs compromise my immune system towards the virus? Can you help me?”

Having received a number of similar requests from the Italian patient community, NET Italy Onlus addressed medical experts to get their valuable opinion on how to properly face the issue since collaboration is key when patient lives are in danger. NET Italy Onlus collaborated with to distribute an official document with all necessary guidance enabling NET patients to properly face the COVID-19 menace: no one is left alone here and our medical community is fighting this battle with us.