On the occasion of NET Cancer Day, on November 10th, NET-ESPAÑA organized two different sets of activities, one to increase awareness and visibility of the disease among healthcare professionals and the general audience, and a special educational event for NET patients and their families.

In an attempt to strive for diagnosing the disease at earlier stages, NET-ESPAÑA’s campaign used the slogan “change the color of NETs”. Two weeks prior to November 10th different information materials were distributed among healthcare professionals. Additionally, an online campaign with zebra masks was launched, which reached the oncology and endocrinology departments of all hospitals in Spain caring for NET patients.

The general audience was addressed by a video showing NET patients co-starring together with Fernando Llorente, a world-renowned soccer player, to raise awareness about the unmet needs NET patients face today. Watch the video with Fernando here. 

On November 5th, the IV Jornada NETs with patients was held at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre in Madrid. Under the motto “I count, YOU count, WE ALL count”, the NET patients and their families discussed the importance of working with multidisciplinary healthcare professional teams, always keeping the patient in the centre. The event drove active participation and stirred true interest and excitement. The giant zebra image at the entrance welcomed all participants, who were touched by a song written by one of NET ESPAÑA’s supporters.

You can find more information in Spanish here