There are only 10 days left until NET Cancer Day – Sunday, November 10th. Help INCA, the home of NET Cancer Day, spread the word further than ever before on November 10 by making #LetsTalkAboutNETs a global conversation – both online and throughout all communities. The focus of this year’s campaign is to highlight the challenges patients and clinicians face around ACCESS – access to information, access to treatment and care, access to support and access to research and funding. This year we are asking patients and clinicians to share their ACCESS stories across social media. You can print off one of our downloadable ACCESS posters and take a picture of yourself holding the poster or upload the poster directly onto social media along with your ACCESS story.

Share your ACCESS stories across social media.

Download the NET Cancer Day ribbon from our website and set as your profile picture from the 1st of November to help raise NET awareness.

Do you have your NET Cancer Day pin? Wear it proudly on Sunday, November 10th

If you are a NET patient group or an organization that would like to support this effort, you can see how in the World NET Cancer Day Toolkit. You can download it here.