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This NET Cancer Day, help INCA to spread the word further than ever before on November 10 by making #LetsTalkAboutNETs a global conversation.

The focus of this year’s campaign is to highlight the challenges patients and clinicians face around early diagnosis of NETs.

Have you had multiple consultations prior to receiving your NET diagnosis? Or have you been diagnosed at first visit? You can help make a difference by snapping a selfie to capture your experience.

During the days leading up to NET Cancer Day:

Download and Print the “Thank you for Diagnosing my NET, Doctor” poster or “My Route to My NET Diagnosis” poster


The posters are also available in:

Take a selfie with your completed template(s) and upload it here. Please, make sure to share your selfie with us by October 30.

Uploading photos is currently disabled

INCA will use these photos together with all photos coming from NET patients around the world to create short videos which will be shared on our social media platforms @NETCancerDay to raise awareness around NET Cancer Day, November 10th. 

Thank you for snapping a selfie – it’s that easy to help make the world talk about early diagnosis of NETs!

We look forward to receiving your photos!

On NET Cancer Day, November 10th:

Share your selfie with the poster across all your social media channels using the #LetsTalkAboutNETs hashtag.