There is power in speaking with one voice in the many different languages spoken globally and we did it for the first time in 2020 despite the many challenges this year posed for everyone. This NET Cancer Day, the message about the importance of early diagnosis of NETs crossed the language barrier and reached 173 countries via social media. This was the first NET Cancer Day campaign run in Arabic, Chinese, English, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Russian and Spanish! The total impressions generated for NET Cancer Day 2020 Campaign were 4,874,531.

To highlight the significance of early diagnosis during the campaign INCA released a dedicated series of infographics and an animated video, as well as a video carousel of patients’ selfies capturing the route to NET diagnosis. The total Twitter impressions during the campaign were 80,785. That works out at around 3,7k impressions every day with the biggest reach of 20,777 daily impressions generated on November 10th, through sharing the message “Help us improve the time to diagnosis for NET patients, globally!” The impressions generated by all Facebook posts totaled 3,367,589. The post with the biggest reach on Facebook, with 130,872 impressions articulated passionately INCA’s position:

“SCAN has confirmed facts that advocacy organizations have been highlighting for many years, and that we now have to address. Equitable access to innovative diagnostic and treatment tools in neuroendocrine cancers and genetic NETs is a significant global challenge, and a focused effort should be directed at advocating to include these cancers and tumors in national cancer plans, but also to significantly increase awareness and provide specialized education amongst all relevant HCPs, to facilitate faster detection, diagnosis and referral to expertise.

We need to change attitudes towards rarer cancers and ensure all affected have a clear, effective and holistic diagnostic/treatment pathway.”, INCA President, Catherine Bouvier