There are only 10 days to go until NET Cancer Day – Tuesday, November 10th. Timely diagnosis can save lives and improve patient outcomes. Sadly, neuroendocrine tumors are frequently misdiagnosed and early detection is of crucial importance. According to the Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients (SCAN) conducted by INCA, 46% of NET patients have advanced stage neuroendocrine cancer by the time they are correctly diagnosed. For many of these patients a cure is not possible.

The focus of this year’s NET Cancer Day 2020 campaign is to highlight the challenges patients and clinicians face with delayed diagnosis. Help INCA, the home of NET Cancer Day, spread the word further than ever before on this November 10 by making NET patient challenges at time of diagnosis and #LetsTalkAboutNETs a global conversation – both online and throughout all communities.

Download the NET Cancer Day Toolkit to find many more tips, visuals, statistics and messages that you can use to help in raising awareness around NETs on November 10th. INCA is providing infographics and video content in 10 languages to its full membership so that the message can cross international borders around the world and become truly global. Share and spread the word!

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Stay tuned for the INCA video carousel, featuring many NET patients’ routes to diagnosis which will go live on November 10th. Follow us at @NETCancerDay and stay connected.