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“Let’s Talk About NETs” this World NET Cancer Day Nov 10

World NET Cancer Day

World NET Cancer Day is an annual, awareness-raising event coordinated by the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) at an international level, involving INCA members organizations and the NET cancer community all over the world.

Neuroendocrine cancer (NETs) is the umbrella term for a group of unusual, often slow growing cancers, which develop from cells in the diffuse endocrine systems. They are found most commonly in the lung or gastrointestinal system, but they can arise in other parts of the body, such as the pancreas, ovary and testes, among other sites. NET cancers are on the rise and can affect both men and women at various stages of their life, from 17 – 90 years old.

The aim of World NET Cancer Day is to:

  • Raise awareness of NET cancers among decision makers, health professionals and the general public. Accurate information is key to improving quality of life and prognosis for NET cancer patients and can decrease misdiagnosis.
  • Focus on NET cancers for a day to bring hope and information to people living with NET cancers, their caregivers and families.
  • Ensure equity in access to care and treatment for NET cancer patients around the world.
  • Encourage more funds for research, treatments, patient support and resources for NET cancers.

Lets’ Talk about NETs coffee on 10th November around the globe

INCA members from 17 countries around the world are partnering with local cafes and community groups to share coffee in Lets’ Talk about NETs branded coffee cups and make local public learn about NETs and to stir awareness among friends and ask their doctors. World NET Cancer Day is also a worldwide effort to bring hope to people living with NET cancers, their caregivers and families.

Use #letstalkaboutNETs to spread the word and follow INCA on Twitter @netcancerday and  Facebook !

Lets’ Talk about NETs  on 10th November

INCA’s “Let’s Talk about NETs” campaign focuses on unmet needs in the NET community. These needs were identified via an online survey among NET patients and their caregivers, patient advocate leaders, and healthcare professionals in 26 countries. The survey results were further enriched through in-depth interviews with 10 clinical leaders and nine patient advocate leaders from around the globe. The assessment conducted by INCA identified significant unmet needs: in the provision of information to patients at diagnosis, and access to the latest diagnostics and to essential services and multidisciplinary care. A lack of patient involvement in research strategies and clinical trials also transpired.

The INCA White Paper

The INCA White Paper on unmet needs in the global NETs patient community concludes that joint efforts should tackle the concerns about this neglected cancer and address the needs of the NET community. INCA and the NET medical societies around the globe have pledged to work together to implement solutions to the challenges and gaps identified.

See the news release

Watch the video on World NET Cancer Day

INCA infographic 13 10 2017

Watch the video on Unmet Information Needs in NETs

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Watch the video on Unmet Needs in Appropriate Care in NETs

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Watch the video on Unmet Needs in Research and Clinical Trials

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For inquiries and information regarding World NET Cancer and the “Let’s Talk About NETs Campaign”, please contact our member organization in your country.