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NET Cancer Day  November 10 2023

Easily missed.
Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer

#LetsTalkAboutNETs          #NETCancerDay

Campaign Messages for Healthcare Providers

NETs are easily missed.
Help us change this.

Basic awareness of neuroendocrine tumors among healthcare professionals is vital for early detection.

According to the Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients (SCAN) the most involved specialists in diagnosis are general practitioners/family doctors and gastroenterologists. Other specialists like endocrinologists, surgeons, pulmologists, etc. also have a crucial role in suspecting NETs and improving the timely diagnosis.

Neuroendocrine tumors are easily missed – improved awareness among healthcare providers will help with referrals and testing, leading to a more timely diagnosis.

We need healthcare providers this NET Cancer Day to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of neuroendocrine tumors to encourage earlier diagnosis.

Download a factsheet from the Global NET Patient Information Pack with 26 factsheets on different types of NETs in 10 languages.

Our message this year is simple.

Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.
#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay

Social Media Messages

#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay

NETs are more common than brain, ovarian, or cervical cancer and incidence is on the rise.

We need the help of our global community to raise awareness, improve the quality of life for NET cancer patients around the world to improve diagnostic times.

On November 10, help us spread the word

Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.

#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay