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NET Cancer Day  November 10 2023

Easily missed.
Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer

#LetsTalkAboutNETs          #NETCancerDay

NET Cancer Day 2023 Campaign Toolkit

Why support NET Cancer Day?

NET Cancer Day is an annual event held on the 10th of November, created to increase awareness of neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and to provide a voice to the NET community for improved diagnostics, treatments, information, care and research. It is coordinated by the International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA) and has been celebrated annually for more than 10 years.

INCA is the global voice for patients with neuroendocrine cancer and genetic neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and their caregivers.

Neuroendocrine cancers are frequently misdiagnosed and early detection is key.

  • Globally, it takes 5 years on average from initial symptoms to actual diagnosis: North America – 6 years; Oceania – 5 years; Europe – 4; Asia – 2 years.
  • 46% of patients have advanced stage neuroendocrine cancer by the time they are correctly diagnosed and for many of these patients, a cure is not possible.
  • NETs are more common than brain, ovarian and cervical cancer and incidence is on the rise.
  • NETs are frequently misdiagnosed with common conditions such as: anxiety, menopause, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), asthma or diabetes.
  • A greater awareness of NETs amongst the global community and medical profession is needed.

Check out the global gaps in diagnosis, care and research found within the Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatments for NET patients (SCAN)

Find out more about NET Cancer Day background

NET Cancer Day 2023 Focus

The NET Cancer Day campaign has been traditionally focused on highlighting the common symptoms that can be interpreted as other conditions, but are also a sign of neuroendocrine cancer. The delay in reaching a correct diagnosis has been a burden for the NET patient community to get timely treatment and the correct care. The need for increased NET awareness among  healthcare professionals has been part of the core communication of NET Cancer Day.

Last year the campaign slogan “Know the symptoms. Push for diagnosis.” reached an audience of over 30 million people in social media and brought the public attention to the uncommon cancer hidden behind common symptoms.

In 2023, the NET Cancer Day campaign slogan Easily missed: Take a closer look at neuroendocrine cancer aims to put the spotlight on:

  • Uncommon cancer which can be found behind common symptoms;
  • Healthcare professionals have to be aware that neuroendocrine cancer may be the cause if common symptoms persist;
  • Neuroendocrine cancer is easily misdiagnosed.

On NET Cancer Day 2023 we want to:

  • Raise awareness about NETs among healthcare professionals and the general public;
  • Provide a unified voice for all NET patients around the world for improving time to diagnosis and patient outcomes;
  • Support the NET patient community to spread the campaign messages to raise awareness among their local communities;
  • Encourage healthcare professionals to gain knowledge of NETs and keep this uncommon cancer on their radar;
  • Bring the gaps in NET diagnosis, care and research to the attention of the public and healthcare professionals.

The NET Cancer Day 2023 campaign comprises resources for:

  • Targeting the general audience with messages to get acquainted with how common symptoms can disguise the uncommon neuroendocrine cancer and what a delay in diagnosis can mean for patients;
  • Targeting healthcare professionals to focus their attention on how common symptoms can also point to neuroendocrine cancer, and that the timely diagnosis of NETs depends on their awareness of thess diseases;
  • Encouraging your patient community and caregivers to spread awareness.

NET Cancer Day 2023 Campaign Resources

NET Cancer Day 2033 campaign runs with the slogan Easily missed: Take a closer look at neuroendocrine cancer.

INCA provides the following resources to help raise awareness for NET Cancer Day:

Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.

#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay

How to get involved?




  • Tag @netcancerday in your posts
  • Use campaign hashtags: #NETCancerDay #LetsTalkAboutNETs


       Download the NET Cancer Day 2023 campaign banners and messages – and use them in your campaigns, websites, social media

      Download a custom poster with your image and the campaign slogan in your language

      Download a NETInfo factsheet in your language from the Global NET Patient Information Pack and send it to healthcare professionals you know

        Download the NET Cancer Day Ribbon 


      Use NET Cancer Day 2023 campaign banners and messages to inform your community and healthcare professionals

      Use findings on gaps in awareness, diagnosis, treatments, and care from the Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients (SCAN) – infographics and videos for sharing and download are available in 11 languages

       Inform about INCA and its 33 member patient organizations in 26 countries across the globe

      Encourage subscription to the INCA Monthly Newsletter to spread news about the contribution of the global NET patient community to improvements in patient outcomes around the world


        Your custom poster with the campaign slogan and your photo and tell your story

        Your own NET Cancer Day 2023 event to raise awareness and share information and images with hashtags #NETCancerDay #LetsTalkAboutNETs

        Your press release for local media to inform about NET Cancer Day 2023 and your activities

        Your local fundraising events

        Joint event of patients and healthcare professionals 

Custom Poster

Want a more personal message? Head to our Custom Poster Builder, upload your photo, share your personal story and tell your followers:

Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Get involved and help us spread the word

Campaign Messages

Available in 11 different languages, our campaign messages will allow you to share directly to your social networks.

Campaign Messages for Healthcare Providers

Gain access to vital resources and inform yourself about NET symptoms.

Custom Poster

Add a personal touch to this year’s campaign. Upload your photo and tell your followers: Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.

Patient & Healthcare Professional Stories

NETs affect men, women, and children of all ages. Patients from all around the world have united to share their stories and raise awareness.

Quick Facts

Do you want to know more about NETs?  Head to our #NETInfo multilingual library and download the factsheets on neuroendocrine cancer in 10 languages.

NETs are more common than brain, ovarian or cervical cancer.
NETs can mimic irritable bowel syndrome, gastritis, anxiety & asthma.
NET incidences are on the rise.
Almost half of NET patients are initially misdiagnosed, for many the NET has spread.
About a third of NET patients are diagnosed by pure chance, while checking for another condition.
Going around in vicious circles between numerous health professionals in the search for a diagnosis: 3 specialists on average are involved in the correct NET diagnosis.
NET diagnosis can often take 5-7 years. For many people, their cancer has spread by the time they are diagnosed.
NET affects men, women and children. It doesn’t discriminate.

NETs are more common than brain, ovarian, or cervical cancer and incidence is on the rise.

We need the help of our global community to raise awareness to improve diagnostic times and the quality of life for NET patients around the world.

On November 10, help us spread the word

Easily missed. Take a closer look at Neuroendocrine Cancer.

#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay