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NET Cancer Day  November 10 2022

Know the symptoms.
Push for diagnosis.

#LetsTalkAboutNETs          #NETCancerDay

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NETs are STILL misdiagnosed for years.
Help us change this.

Follow these steps and add your personal touch to this year’s campaign:

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In your own words you can tell your story and let your followers know why it’s STILL important to:

Know the symptoms. Push for diagnosis.
#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay

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NETs are STILL more common than brain, ovarian, and cervical cancer and incidence is on the rise.

We need the help of our global community to raise awareness, improve the quality of life for NET cancer patients around the world to improve diagnostic times. On November 10, help us spread the word

Know the symptoms. Push for diagnosis.
#LetsTalkAboutNETs #NETCancerDay