In this era of remote reality, it is so important to be able to offer the NET patient community as much remote contact as possible, and the new ‘My NETs’ app can be utilized by anyone, for day-to-day information gathering with a library of validated resources, for symptom tracking, or simply for managing and storing health details, such as blood test results.

The app has been developed with the support of patients and HCPs and co-funded by NCUK & UKINETs. The app has predominately 2 functions: firstly as a self-management tool for the NET community, and secondly as a research tool. There is a current study on the NHS portfolio – ‘A study to assess use of mobile device technology to collect patient reported symptoms during medical and surgical therapy for neuroendocrine tumors’ – and there are a number of UK centers signed up to the study.

The app as a self-management tool does have the functionality for patients to send data directly to their care team through an HCP portal, potentially allowing for the tracking of flare-ups remotely and allowing for earlier intervention. NCUK & UKINETs have committed to financially support a number of centers to get on-boarded and have access to the HCP portal. The self-management function of the app is currently being piloted by a number of patients, and feedback to the designers has been encouraged.