Ethan Holliman was diagnosed with MEN2B at the age of 12 by which time the medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) that is a part of the syndrome had already spread beyond his thyroid gland. MEN2B is best diagnosed within the first year of life, at which time there is a greater chance of surgical cure for the MTC which arises in early childhood. Since his diagnosis, Ethan has been through extensive surgery, as he is affected by other aspects of the condition. Together with his family, however, he has been determined to raise awareness of the impact of MEN2B and of the need for early diagnosis. The Hollimans were therefore keen to be involved in AMEND’s 2019 project to produce 3 patient experience films. In fact, 4 films were produced: MEN2B and Me: Ethan (his own words) was an additional short film produced by Red Goat Productions, because Ethan’s input was so profoundly moving. In 2019, AMEND entered the film into the Charity Film Awards and in January 2020, it was announced that the film had been shortlisted to go forward to the next stage: the judges. AMEND would like to thank the Hollimans, Red Goat Productions, as well as everyone who voted for the film during the first stage of the Charity Film Awards.

We are all keeping our fingers crossed for Ethan’s film in the next phase of the Charity Film Awards!