Medical Research Statistics Explained in the #Bootcamp

The INCA Research Committee launched the INCA Boot Camp for Research Patient Advocates in June 2020 to build a future with more active involvement of NET patients globally in medical research for NET treatment. The INCA Boot Camp brings together 18 prominent NET patient advocates from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America for a second consecutive month to learn the different aspects of the drug development process.

Statistics were the focus of the August webinar led by Mr. Tamás Bereczky, Patvocates team member, researcher and group therapist. Basic statistical notions and measurements applicable to medical science were discussed and explained to all the trainees. As statistics play an essential part in clinical trials, it is crucial to understand what makes their outcomes valid.

Here are some of the sources shared during the webinar to help patient advocates understand and disseminate clinical trial outcomes.
Introduction to Statistics
Statistics made easy

The INCA Boot Camp for Research Patient Advocates is carried out by the Patvocates Network and delivered as web-based training, consisting of regular webinars with individual tutoring by the trainers provided to the participants.

The #INCABootCamp will take place from June 2020 to February 2021.