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Lung NETs Patients MisdiagnosedNeuroendocrine cancer of the lung is misdiagnosed for years with common ailments like asthma and bronchitis. Once diagnosed the patients with lung NETs face disturbing clinical care challenges globally. Help us raise awareness about the global gaps in healthcare provision to patients. Visual materials in 10 languages are ready for you to download below.

The Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients (SCAN) revealed:

• 68% of Lung NET patients describe time to diagnosis taking more than one year, with more than a third of patients waiting more than 5 yrs, and 1 in 10 taking more than 10 yrs from initial symptoms to diagnosis.
• 46% were given at least one other diagnosis before Neuroendocrine confirmed
• 28% were diagnosed whilst undergoing investigations for another suspected condition
• Only 15% were told cancer was suspected
• For both tests and treatments – although there was an established awareness amongst the patient population of their existence – there was less certainty about availability and access.
• 64% need for healthcare professionals to have more knowledge about Neuroendocrine Cancer

Help us improve awareness, knowledge and access to appropriate diagnostics, expertise and therapeutics globally.

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