European Cancer Organisation (ECCO) invited INCA to nominate a representative to serve on the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) for the next mandate (February 1, 2018 – Feb 1, 2020).
Being committed to endorse patient interest agenda, ECCO created the Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) 2008, to provide European patient organizations and bodies involved in patient care with a platform to express their expectations in solidarity with the professional organizations and afford ECCO direct insight into the issues and challenges faced by cancer patients.
The ECCO PAC is composed to reflect the breadth of predominantly European cancer patient advocacy groups and may include other European public health patient advocacy groups who have a substantive interest in cancer while ensuring a majority of the seats assigned to European cancer patient advocacy groups. International cancer patient advocacy groups will be considered when there is no European equivalent covering the same disease area.
This invitation certainly offers a valuable opportunity for INCA to help ECCO optimize patient-centered activities, as well as place NET cancer patients’ specific interests higher on the cancer community agenda. The INCA Board appointed INCA Executive Director, Teodora Kolarova to serve as a representative for INCA on the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee.
More infomation can be found here.