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On May 2nd, 2023, at the European Parliament, INCA President Mark McDonnell participated in the SPARC-Europe event “Harnessing the Opportunities of Radioligand Therapies: Infrastructure and Education”. It was hosted by MEP Helmut Geuking and gathered experts in the oncology field, patient advocates, and Members of the European Parliament to discuss the current state of hospital infrastructures and capacities for RLTs across the EU, as well as the availability of regional funds for their uptake and delivery.

INCA President brought forward the neuroendocrine cancer perspective of the need for faster implementation of radioligand therapy in hospital settings across EU. He pointed out that lots of patients have to travel distances to get access to treatment and that the reimbursement of treatment is also implemented slowly. “We need equal and free access to radioligand therapies across the EU and I hope we can soon achieve that”, stressed Mark McDonnell.

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