On March 13, 2017 INCA took part in a meeting with Ipsen CEO David Meek, who invited three patient advocates from the United States and Europe to discuss such critical issues as patient empowerment, patient-centered research, involving patients in the drug development process, access to innovative drugs and the role of real-world data.

The meeting “Dialogue for Patient Care” was featured in Ipsen’s Annual Report.

Teodora Kolarova, INCA Executive Director, stressed on the paramount importance of involving patients in pharmaceutical work from day one. “Luckily it is happening nowadays – we are going from treating the disease to treating the patient”, she pointed out. “Involving patients in the design of clinical research and trials is key because this is how we can really contribute to a meaningful process: helping with research design, addressing some unmet needs, and also helping patients and the community understand what the benefits of these efforts would be”, Teodora Kolarova added.

She also made a note of the challenge of meeting patients’ expectations for the best and quickest solutions for care: “Healthcare is not only about innovative medicine; you have to be appreciative of the whole mix needed to provide care, especially with poorer countries or less wealthy countries. What we try to bring to the table is real-world evidence, showing that this is something that would really help and make a difference, and advocating that it happens as soon as possible.”

Videos on Dialogue for Patient Care from Ipsen