The Annual INCA General Membership Meeting and Members Summit gathered 16 member organizations from 14 countries around the globe in Barcelona on March 5-6, just two days before the start of the 15th ENETS Conference. In addition to a review of NET Cancer Day 2017 and the Unmet Needs initiative, as well as draft plans for 2018, a significant review of the INCA strategic plan was carried out by way of a facilitated discussion and breakout group work leading to consensus on potential 2018-2022 objectives.

In the afternoon of the 6th the INCA Summit participants welcomed the ENETS Chair (Dr. Dermot O’Toole, Ireland) and Dr. Ben Lawrence (NET specialist/researcher from New Zealand and COMMNETS member) to discuss next steps in the collaboration with NET medical societies. It was indeed inspirational to sense the enthusiasm and commitment on the part of the medical profession to our joint partnership to address unmet needs.

Initial action plans to meet patients’ information needs and engage patients in the design and support of research will be developed by two task forces.
The excitement sparked by the feeling of bonding and the recognition of the power we have as a community was palpable during the meeting.