The first Global Survey of NET patients, a collaboration between INCA and Novartis, continues to have an impact worldwide with results published in medical journals. We are excited to announce that the manuscript, “French Patient-Reported Experience of Diagnosis, Management and Burden of Neuroendocrine Tumors” has been accepted for publication in The International Journal of Endocrine Oncology. The article focuses on the considerable burden experienced by patients living with a NET in France and the differences in patient experience in France compared with the United States that may occur as a result of different healthcare and social systems.
Each and every time the survey is shared, we can help more people learn about neuroendocrine tumors and what it means to live with the disease. With special thanks to Association des Patients porteurs de Tumeurs Endocrines Diverses (APTED), for helping develop the survey, recruiting patients, ensuring the survey results were available in French, and spotlighting the French NET patient experience in an international, medical journal.