This year’s access topic reached millions around the globe: INCA’s 2019 NET Cancer Day campaign was the biggest-ever as per the level of engagement and support reached.

The combined value of impressions across the four social media platforms deployed – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn – for the period October 27th – November 15th, 2019 is 12.3 million. INCA, the home of NET Cancer Day, is privileged to be able to collaborare with member organizations, medical societies and institutions, partners, influencers, and the general public to speak with one voice.

Facebook has shown to be the most active platform for @NetCancerDay gaining approximately 11.8 million weekly impressions throughout the campaign (1.8 million impressions daily total).

Twitter activity for the hashtag #letstalkaboutnets gained 3.6 million impressions and 3.35 million impressions for the hashtag #netcancerday. The INCA Twitter account @netcancerday gained 529k impressions throughout the NCD campaign.

To help spread the word and to have more impact in a consistent manner, INCA developed a NET Cancer Day Toolkit offering key messages and visual content, as well as useful tips on media engagement and social media communication. INCA members from around the world came together in several video collages to highlight the value of equitable access to NET information, diagnostics, care and research for all, and the power of synergy, which can truly make a difference. #letstalkaboutnets