In harmony with one of its 3 key strategic pillars, INCA has developed a new online survey, aiming to shine a light on the challenges NET patients around the globe face in terms of access to diagnostics and treatment. Following the pilot phase of improvements and enrichment of the survey content, with the invaluable volunteer help provided by medical experts and NET patients from different continents, INCA is ready to launch the survey on September 16th. The survey will be available for all participants in 14 languages: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch/Flemish, French, English, German, Hindi, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili.

SCAN is an acronym standing for Survey of Challenges in Access to Diagnostics and Treatment for NET Patients. INCA, together with its 26 member organizations across 6 continents invites NET patients and healthcare professionals to SCAN the challenges in NET diagnostics, treatment and care. This is going to be the biggest effort released up until now in the NET patient community to globally assess the healthcare systems in terms of provision of care to NET patients.

This is not just another survey. For the first time, SCAN is going to measure the out-of-pocket costs of diagnosis, treatment and on-going monitoring of NETs on a global scale. SCAN aims to collect robust data reflective of the NET patients’ experience by geographical areas covering Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America. With the ambitious goal of collecting responses from all parts of the world, both from NET patients and healthcare professionals, we rely on you to spread the word about SCAN.

INCA would like to especially thank the Access Committee team for its tireless work in this major project, as well as all the NET patients and healthcare professionals who have devoted their time to help us make this survey real – Beth Leonard, Eddy Deneckere, Jorge Romero Day, Piotr Gorski, Roger Naidoo, Dr. Patrice Rodien, Prof. Dermot O’Toole, and Dr. Ivan Tonev!

Stay tuned on INCA social media channels for updates about SCAN. Coming soon!
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