At the INCA/ENETS Symposium to be held on March 13th, 8:30 am as part of the 17th Annual ENETS Conference for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Neuroendocrine Tumor Disease in Barcelona, INCA and global leading NET experts will focus on ways to improve research and access.

An esteemed panel of international thought-leaders in NETs: Dermot O’Toole, Simron Singh, Emily Bergsland and Jaume Capdevila will join the discussion about making NET research more meaningful and patient-focused, and recognizing earlier diagnosis as a priority. The patient perspective will be relayed by Simone Leyden, INCA President, Cathy Bouvier, INCA President-Elect, Teodora Kolarova, INCA Executive Director, Dirk Van Genechten, INCA Board Member, Mark McDonnell, INCA Treasurer, and the INCA member representatives Elyse Gellerman (NET Research Foundation, USA) and Eddy Deneckere (vzw NET & MEN Kanker Belgium). Best practices of patient involvement in research will be shared along with the results of SCAN and other surveys examining the unmet needs of the NET patient community.

All ENETS 2020 Conference participants who are interested in the above are invited to attend the INCA/ENETS Symposium on Friday, March 13th, at 8:30 am.

More information about the preliminary agenda of the Symposium can be found here.