December 4th was a busy day of outreach meetings in Brussels to draw attention to NET as a rare form of cancer that has never had any special focus or dedicated funding within the EU. INCA and ENETS  took the chance to introduce NETs to  Members of the European Parliament from the Industry and Research Committee and Public Health Committee, and scope opportunities to improve research in NETs and access to optimal treatment and care for all NET patients. The potential of Horizon 2020 and the upcoming Horizon Europe EU research programs, as well as other relevant funding instruments were also discussed with the Head of the Scientific Department of the European Research Council Executive Agency, Jose Labastida, and the Head of European Reference Networks with DG Sante, Enrique Terol. Follow-up meetings with the European Commission and potentially other stakeholders to be organized in the beginning of 2019, and relationships to be further explored in view of the upcoming EU elections in June.