Given the scope of the initiative, which offers huge potential for further reach, INCA Survey on Unmet Needs in the Global NET Community generated a number of abstracts, submitted to the major cancer congresses taking place by the end of the year, including ESMO, NANETS and APNETS.

Bringing the findings of this research closer to all relevant stakeholders is a key priority, with a focus on reinforcing collaboration with the expert medical communities. To overcome the language barrier and spread the messages to as wide audience as possible, INCA has undertaken translating of the White Paper and all visual collateral including infographics and videos into 7 languages. These resources will soon be available in Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish on the INCA website.

INCA has committed to improve information for patients and education about NETs for healthcare professionals, as well as to encourage more support for research with a stronger patient voice and more funding to help patients be active partners in the treatment process.