Fundacion ACIAPO was founded by Marta Artigas, its current President, in 1997, in Argentina, with the intention of providing “quality of life” to patients living with cancer and their families. Marta herself is a cancer survivor with a history of cancer in her family. Living through this ordeal, she experienced many of the deficiencies in the system to treat and support cancer patients. This was the principal motivation for founding ACIAPO. Actually this acronym means: “Integral Community Care for Cancer Patients”.

ACIAPO is involved in Prevention and Diffusion, Education, Legal Assistance, and Social Medicine. One of the large projects ACIAPO is currently working on is a campaign to generate awareness of neuroendocrine cancers. This is targeted to social media in general, but also to the medical community and hospitals. The title is “We are looking for 1.000 NET”, applying the phrase in Spanish “Nunca es Tarde”, meaning that it is never too late. However, this also represents the acronym NET.

Having recently joined INCA as a Member, ACIAPO is a pioneer for INCA in Latin America, and the organization is interested in helping to advance the cause in the rest of the continent. ACIAPO hopes that through INCA they can benefit from the shared experiences as to how to further facilitate the treatment and support of cancer patients. This applies to research, tools, social media, government and institutional relations, etc.

In the case of countries like Argentina, it is of critical importance to know what is being done in more developed countries. Both the government and medical communities look up to the EU and USA for many of their decisions regarding cancer and its treatment. Therefore, for ACIAPO it is of paramount importance to be connected with a global patient voice to influence the government and medical institutions, as well as be able to bring tools and alternatives for patient care that will improve their lives via better treatment and survival rates.

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