The 17th Annual ENETS Conference took place in a virtual format on March 11-13, 2020. Over 350 attendees watched 11 sessions in total, delivered by 46 speakers from all over the world. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, ENETS conducted a top-quality scientific meeting and also made all accepted abstracts available on their website. 362 abstracts were submitted to this year’s conference.
INCA was very proud to see Prof. Robert Jensen acknowledge the INCA SCAN survey abstract among the Top 10 Best ENETS 2020 Abstracts – especially highlighting the importance of early diagnosis and recognition of NET experts:

  • Almost half of patients were initially misdiagnosed (44% [1043/2359])
  • 27% (640/2359) received a NET diagnosis first  time and 26% (606/2359) diagnosed incidentally
  • Mean time to NET diagnosis for misdiagnosed patients was 5 years
  • Four out of five misdiagnosed patients (81% [847/1042) failed to receive a diagnosis within 1 year
  • A quarter (24% 570/2359) of patients had not heard of NET specialists

At the end of the conference, Prof. Dermot O’Toole warmly welcomed the new ENETS Chair – Prof. Marianne Pavel, senior physician and top-tier leader in NETs who has mainly focused on NETs for the last 20 years. Prof. O’Toole highlighted Prof. Pavel’s enormous dedication to the accumulating body of knowledge about NETs, and her exceptional talent of being champion for NET patients. Marianne Pavel thanked Dermot O’Toole for his committed leadership and acknowledged the extraordinary work that he and the ENETS Executive and management team did to conduct the conference virtually in such a short period of time. Looking ahead at ENETS future priorities, Marianne Pavel highlighted the continued focus on scientific work, facilitating collaborations, and building the next generation of NET experts.

INCA would like to commend both Dermot and Marianne on their exceptional leadership, patient-driven perspective, and global vision. We are grateful for their partnership and friendship, and look forward to advancing our collaboration to help improve outcomes for NET patients.

The INCA ENETS Joint Symposium will be scheduled to take place later in the year.