INCA took part in a very productive and insightful meeting of the European Cancer Organization (ECCO) Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) on 25 March in Brussels, Belgium. Ten leaders of umbrella cancer patient organizations in Europe and beyond interacted in an open discussion on the priorities of the forthcoming ECCO2019 European Cancer Summit on 12-14 September 2019 in Brussels, which will bring together worldwide leaders from cancer care, research, patient advocacy and public-private sectors in a unique multi-stakeholder forum The theme of the second edition of the ECCO Summit is: “European Cancer Care: Across Borders”, and the ECCO PAC is very involved in the design of the Summit program to make sure that the patient voice is well heard.

The Committee also discussed key projects like the ECCO’s current Essential Requirements on Quality Cancer Care papers, including the most recent on one pancreatic cancer where INCA will be represented by Dr. Piero Ferolla from A.I. NET Italy. One Specific task is to review and assess of the situation for neglected cancers with a special focus on pancreatic cancer, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for improving detection, diagnosis and access to expert clinicians in order to increase the quality of care and outcomes, and raising awareness within the EU policy and research agenda

Other projects in focus were Quality Cancer Care Week 2019, and the ECCO Codes of Cancer Practice, based on the importance of providing, at the European level, an enabling “toolbox” that will help support regional and national planning initiatives to improve cancer outcomes.  One component of this toolbox is a series of European “Codes of Cancer Practice” which describe in a succinct and accessible way the key components of a plan to improve cancer outcomes in relation to individual cancer anatomical sites or cross-cutting activities, which affect all cancer patients.