Making sure that patient input and perspective are front and central to the forthcoming ECCO 2019 European Cancer Summit “European Cancer Care: Across Borders” to take place on 12-14 September 2019 in Brussels – that was one of the priority topics for discussion at the ECCO Patient Advisory Committee Meeting. 12 representatives from patient organizations, including INCA Executive Director, gathered on June 26th in Brussels, to provide recommendations and guidance to ECCO strategic projects going forward.

ECCO is the only society that brings together 27 professional healthcare societies in oncology – radiologists, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, pediatric oncologists, patient organizations, among many others – to push for resolutions and actions to address inequalities and achieve holistic quality cancer care, which can only work if all disciplines in oncology treatment and care work together effectively.

ECCO has managed to transform into a small and very effective society that focuses their work on collective action, and even though resources are scarce, it continues to involve a Patient Advisory Committee in which the 18 largest pan-European cancer patient umbrella organizations are providing input into ECCO’s strategy and action.

It’s worth coming to the ECCO summit in September