CNETS Canada was formed in 2007 to assist the Canadian community with this type of disease. Today, CNETS Canada is widely recognized by patients and the medical community across Canada, as an organization that helps improve the quality of life and survival for NET patients. CNETS Canada has been able to achieve positive change and improve the lives of NET patients in Canada through priorities and objectives: raising awareness of the disease and the latest available diagnostics and treatments; providing support and education for Canadians on all aspects of NETs, ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions, advocate on behalf of patients for polices to support the best care and treatment options, and provide funding to support Canadian NET cancer research.

One area where CNETS Canada has had a positive impact has been the community dedication to raising funds that support NET cancer research in Canada. The NET patient community has continually demonstrated a strong commitment to supporting CNETS Canada’s fundraising efforts. CNETS Canada has been supporting NET-research since 2011, initially through a partnership-based approach and since 2016 through their independent Research Funding Framework. This is the third year in which they are offering research grants across Canada for NET research based on their new framework.

To date CNETS Canada has provided over $500,000 in funding towards specific high-priority NET research projects, that will have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of NET patients in Canada. The high-priority NET projects that are funded each year are determined through widespread consultation with the NET patient community.

The NET community in Canada continues to raise awareness and surpass fundraising goals to support NET cancer research in Canada. CNETS Canada would like thank all the participants, supporters and donors, who have made an impact on the lives of NET cancer patients in Canada!

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