The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation contacts every Governor in the United States each year, requesting a proclamation in support of NET Cancer Day and raising awareness about neuroendocrine cancer. In 2018 CCF received proclamations and letters of support from 48 of the 50 Governors. CCF helped promote a wide variety of NET Cancer Day activities including conferences, a run/walk at a zoo, and a new song being premiered in honor of NET Cancer Day. CCF also shared a zebra-striped filter to add to social media profiles and promoted the Lets Talk About NETs campaign, including sending cups to individuals, medical facilities, and organizations hosting special events and conferences on NET Cancer Day. A NET Cancer Day e-newsletter was produced, informing the NET community of the wide variety of ways to participate in NET Cancer Day. The Foundation encouraged the community to download the Lets Talk About NETs toolkit, NET Cancer Day ribbon, and to participate in special events around the country. CCF NET Cancer Day Facebook post reached 64,560 people, had 4,531 Reactions, Likes, and Shares, and 423 comments on the post and on the shares. The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation also tweeted throughout the day and live tweeted part of the California NET Cancer Day conference and all of the Frankly Speaking about Cancer: Neuroendocrine and Carcinoid Tumors presentation in Illinois.