Tore Aasbu

Board Member


My name is Tore Aasbu, and I serve on the Board of Directors at INCA. I’m also on the board at CarciNor, the Norwegian patient advocacy association for neuroendocrine and carcinoid cancer.

I have represented CarciNor at the INCA Membership Council since 2010, and was a member of the Executive Committee for two years before becoming a Board Member of INCA in 2013. I was CEO and Chairman of the board at CarciNor from 2009-2018, and member of the Council of Representatives for The Norwegian Cancer Society 2009-2017.

My professional background is as engineer in mechanical engineering and design for the oil industry in the North Sea. I have also studied Pedagogy and Information Technology at the University of Stavanger and Stord/Haugesund University College. My latest professional employment was as high school teacher for 15 years in Karmoy, Norway. I also have a professional background as Rittmester/Captain and company commander in the Norwegian Home Guard.

Tore Aasbu

Postboks 11 Kjelsås
0411 Oslo


+47 21 420 680