Catherine Bouvier

President, International Neuroendocrine Cancer Alliance (INCA)


I co-founded the NET Patient Foundation along side our current chair Peter Gwilliam and 2 NET patients, Andy Geach and Kathy Kalamis in 2006. I started working full time in the organisation in 2007.

My ultimate role is to remain the driving force behind an organisation that I truly believe in, and ensure that all staff and stakeholders focus on the purpose of the NCUK as part of everything they do.

I have dedicated the past twenty years of my career with an aim to improve the care and outcomes for Neuroendocrine Cancer patients. As the first dedicated Neuroendocrine CNS in the UK, and setting up the first UK wide charity, I have experienced extensive challenges, alongside a significant sense of achievement. My passion is to see eight strategic priorities in the Neuroendocrine Cancer field achieved: the protection of our world class service, improving impact and outcomes for patients who follow a less common pathway, establishing patient experience as being on a par with clinical effectiveness and safety, promoting the necessary investment to deliver a modern and high quality service for patients, both in the acute and community setting, the provision of standardised useful and accurate patient information, a significant increase in the research, education and awareness in Neuroendocrine Cancers, ensuring commissioning processes are fit for purpose and that our community has the attention that is the right of all cancer patients.